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Steganos Internet Anonym

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2.2 24/03/14
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  • Windows 2000
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Processor: Pentium
Memory: 32 MB
Screen resolution: 1024x768 oder höher
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Your anonymous SSL tunnel to the Internet

Softonic Editorial Team

Review last updated: 06/08/12

Why do you need Steganos Internet Anonym VPN?

Each visit to the Internet discloses your identity to Web providers – often, without you noticing or wanting this. And also your Internet provider can exactly see which Web sites you visit and what kind of data you upload or download. When you use a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or a hot spot to access the Internet wirelessly, for example at a train station, an airport, or in an Internet café, it won't be a problem for anyone to spy on you.

It just takes the corresponding software to turn you into a transparent user. All your movements on the Web can then be exactly traced – whether you send private e-mails, carry out online purchases, or enter your personal access data. Even when you dial in to online applications, you are unprotected: Someone could "stow away" and use your access data unnoticed in order to manipulate and even delete important data!
Why surf anonymously? I don’t have anything to hide.

As soon as you go online, you receive a clear Internet protocol address - an IP. The IP acts like a transmitter on the Internet to fix your location and can therefore be traced back to the very door of your house. Every provider of Web pages can recognize precisely what you have done on their Web site: Which products have you viewed but not bought? Which images have you looked at? And even your provider can view a large amount of data such as the movies and songs you have uploaded and downloaded on your legal file sharing platform.

It's not about whether you have something to hide or not. You have a right to privacy and do not have to justify this. Allow yourself the freedom of surfing the Web anonymously as well as of uploading and downloading data.

"Steganos Is Unusable"

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Steganos cannot work in the UAE as it is blocked by the ISP! All attempts to contact Steganos to find a way to make it work were futile. E-mails sent to Steganos were answered with an automated response that you must establish a case number on the web site. However the web site is blocked here so it is not possible to establish a case number!!! Ironically if I had Steganos functioning I would be able to get to the website to establish a case number, but then I wouldn't need a case number if it was working!

  • Looks good even if you can't use it at all!! Sad...
  • Cannot use the product in the UAE.
  • Customer Support is non-existent.

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03 Apr 2010

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